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Quoting marriage as new chapter of life, one day everyone has to go through it. It is most awaited time for everyone. Hard to perform but more hard is to keep it in gear throughout the life.
Andre Maurois ,a French writer said A successful marriage is an edifice that must be rebuilt every day. Marriage is a kind of relationship that strives care and dignity each and every day.
I belonging to Hindu Aggarwal Community , is down to earth not at all attracted by the glamorous of the world.I am honest,energetic and hard working man who works with full dedication and will always try to fulfil your needs and become true to your expectations.
I will pray to Almighty demanding the wellness and verdurous of your relationship.

"Wish you a Happy Married Life"


Quoting the words of Barbara De Angelis “ Marriage is not a noun ; it’s a verb. It is not something you get. It’s something you do. It is the way you love your partner everyday and Praying to God for your healthy and sound relationship, I Keemat Kumar is here to serve you the best match.
I might be slow at my work but will provide the best match to you. I work on the principle of “ slow and steady wins the race.
This has to be performed wholeheartedly and it needs trust. Trust is the cornerstone of your relationship and on this trust your life continues.
Not taking it as a mere business it is a passionate work for me. Working wholeheartedly and with full dedication , I will help you to find your true life partner.
Partners are already decided by God my work is just to bring them closer.

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